(No longer a) Ghost Track - Petty Raceway
1/3 mile paved oval
Located on Highway 106 near River Glade, NB

2011 Update:

Great News - Petty Raceway is no longer a Ghost Track. It was purchased by Wayne Smith, Craig McFetridge and Brett Benoit in the late fall of 2010. They've put a lot of time and money into the track and will be racing in 2011. The web site is:

Here's how the track looked in its Ghost Track days. I'll leave the page active.

This is how Petty Raceway looked in April, 2004 in the second series of photos provided by Ernie Pothier.

A lap Around Petty Raceway
photos are copyright Ernie Pothier and may not be reproduced

The front straight

Turn 1-2

Down the back straight, coming out of turn 2

Going down the back straight approaching turn 3

Turn 3-4

Coming out of turn 4





More Photos
photos are copyright Ernie Pothier and may not be reproduced

Looking back down the back straight from turn 3

The front straight as seen from turn 3-4

Turn 3-4

Grandstands from turn 2

Pit entrance

Outside of the track as seen from the parking lot

The view from the highway

Back straight and turn 3-4 as viewed from turn 1

The view of turn 3-4 from the VIP booth

Entrance to the track from the pits